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Loader Tires Utah- Forklift Tires Salt Lake City


Longer lasting forklift and front end loader tires. Our Commecial repair shop in Salt Lake City, Utah has everything you need.


Loaders and Forklifts take on some of the most difficult labor performed on the farm and in the warehouses in Salt Lake City, Utah. These fantastic pieces of engineering make the jobs they perform effortless and dramatically less time consuming for their operators. Loader and Forklift tires must be able to support incredibly heavy burdens, maintain proper pressure and not skid or lose traction. Loader and Forklift tires can be expensive to replace because they are not easily moved and do not typically fit on the type of lifts used at most normal tire shops.

Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah specializes in all types and kinds of tires.

 Tire World is so committed to serving the needs of their customers they are prepared to bring the tire shop to you, on the farm or in the warehouse, making the necessary repairs and replacements at your location. Making it significantly more advantageous for you when a problem occurs.

Loader and forklift tires like the ones you see shovelling material for road works or farming are typically very large and much wider than a road tire for an automobile.  Loader tires are engineered to carry heavy loads by displacing the weight over a larger area touching the ground. The loader tires offered by Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah are engineered to last long periods of time, and stay in optimum working condition during its guaranteed lifespan. Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah guarantees your satisfaction with any tires they sell, and are uniquely customer minded in the way they are willing to come to you for installation and service needs for your loader tires with their mobile tire service trailers.

Forklift Tires are special because a warehouse is a delicate place.

 They should be designed to carry the weight and at the same time not damage the flooring of the warehouse or make too much noise as they spin about. Tire World knows that it is almost impossible for you to drive the forklift at your warehouse for new forklift tires down to their Salt Lake City, Utah location. So call them today to replace or repair your forklift tires onsite at your Salt Lake City, Utah area location with their mobile tire service trailer.

Loader and forklift tires are just a couple of the many unique reasons to choose Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah has the experience and quality you can trust for your loader and forklift tires needs.