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Industrial Tires Utah- Heavy Equipment Tires Salt Lake City


Want new Commercial or Industrial Tires for your Heavy Equipment in the Salt Lake City, Utah region?

Heavy equipment vehicles such as forklifts, backhoes, excavators and bulldozers are welcome to stop by the experts Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah for all tires, service and repair needs. Often the industrial tires on these vehicles go unnoticed in the management of your fleet and could be a major risk to the operator and your inventory or projects if they become immobile due to a bad tire. Get the service and advice you need from the experts you can trust at Tire World of Salt Lake City.

Tire world provides pristine customer service to those in need of tire assistance

With all of the construction and street repairs happening on the roads of Salt Lake City, Utah industrial vehicles are being used more than ever. With that much extra volume of work going on, replacement and repair of your companies industrial equipment will have to be a high priority. That priority can get checked off your list with a visit to Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah. The experts at Tire World can make your vehicle their top priority, offering certified maintenance, repair and replacement of tires for an efficient value. Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah can even offer mobile services to dispatch a certified technician to your site for repairs to your industrial vehicles that can't be moved.

Industrial vehicles use special types tires for getting their jobs done properly and the experts at Tire World are your connection to these unique industrial tires. Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah is able to offer a wide selection of models and brands to suit any need. Whether you are in need of one tire or many Tire World can help fulfill your need for industrial tires.

Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah is a provider of not just industrial tires, but as their name suggests they can handle the world of automotive such as personal cars and trucks as well as semi truck. The Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah facility boasts lifts and tooling to complete any job no matter how large and enough technicians to get the job handled quickly and cost effectively.

With a history that started back in 1966, Tire World of Salt Lake City, Utah is a landmark for tire service and vehicle repair. Because they specialize in tires for all vehicle types, like industrial tires for heavy equipment they are ready and able to be there for all of your needs.